OPA DB Connector

Complete Database Integration for OPA

What is it?

OPA 12 compliant webservice provider for databases

which allows OPA projects to map data to any JDBC compliant datasource

through an intuitive management GUI

and manage performance as the project grows

What can it do?

Effortlessly create and manage data persistence to your databases

Two-way data streaming

(Pre-seed and save)

Database agnostic

(anything JDBC)

Adhere to “OPA Connection” best practices

Manage connections to multiple data sources simultaneously

Cloud and/or on-premise installations available

Advanced connection pooling options

Enhanced performance

(no n + 1 queries with batching on inserts and updates)

Security managed through the HUB

How does it work?

Create a rulebase

Create a schema

Create a mapping to the schema in the DB connector GUI

Add mapping to HUB

Map it to the policy


Oracle database

MySQL database

PostgreSQL database

SQLServer database

And many more...


E-Business Suite

Microsoft Dynamics




And anything with a database...

How do I get it?

Ad hoc – price per call (get/set)

Bulk buy – discounted pre-purchased usage

On-premise – deploy alongside your hub

Mantis Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Perth, Western Australia
+61 411 163 968